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Solving YouTube demonetization issues!

Don't let youtube to take your profits!​

YouTube demonetization has been a long-standing issue between content creators and YouTube. Demonetization, which content creators often refer to as “Adpocalypse”, is the process where content creators are denied paid ads in their YouTube videos. Consequently, they’re denied revenue and their income on the video-hosting platform is reduced due to the YouTube policy.

YouTube policies are really complicated. Our experienced team will help you to navigate through them. We solve any existing reused content issue. With our service, you do not need to worry about further demonetization.

Do you know what is best of all? YouTube is monetizing videos, that they do not allow you to monetize. Don´t let YouTube take your profit and let us help you to get monetized again.

Reused content refers to channels that repurpose someone else’s content without adding significant original commentary or educational value.

YOUTUBE reused content service

Channel audit

Our team will manually review your YouTube channel. Member of our team is former YouTube employee with experience in channel review.

Solving demonetization

We will take all necessary steps to make your channel monetized again. We will edit and style images and edit all description of videos and channel.

After sale support

In order to prevent from further demonetization, we will inform you on all crucial aspect you have to follow when uploading new videos.

Why you were

YouTube demonetization rules spell out the main things that make a channel or content creator not eligible, for instance: 

  • Child safety violations
  • Sexualized content or any form of full nudity
  • Intent to scam, spam, or deceptive practices
  • Dangerous or harmful content
  • Duplicate or reused content
  • Copyrighted content 
  • Compilation content, which includes videos or music even if you’re legally allowed to use it
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Our reslts

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make your youtube channel monetized again

Highlighted Features

Youtube reused content channel audit

Channel audit Pro

Detailed audit of your whole youtube channel (videos, musics, texts and so on).

youtube reused content price service

reasonable price

Price for our services is reasonable and depends on number of videos your channel contain.

youtube channel seo optimization

SEO Optmization Pro

Making your videos SEO friendly will lead to increase of views and popularity of your channel.

youtube mobile reused content
youtube channel redesign solve reused content

Channel redesign Pro

Redesign of all necessary parts. Fresh new logo, cover image and video thumbnails.

youtube channel pdf report reused content

PDF report

After audit you will receive clear PDF report and you can make all steps to monetize channel on your own.

youtube reused content premium support


Providing support to already monetized channel will help you to avoid any further demonetization.

They solved my demonetizated channel really fast. In just 10 days my YouTube channel was monetized again.

Evan - YouTube influencer
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services you can afford!

Pricing Table

Channel audit

Single payment

Take up to 5 days
Manual review
PDF audit report
Premium Support
One channel
English language

Solving demonetization

Single payment

Take up to 20 days
Maximum 20 videos
One channel
English language
Premium Support
Channel redesign
Description edit
Intro video
Existing videos update

After sale support

Single payment

Take up to 5 days
One channel
Only monetized channel
Regular review
Tips to avoid demonetization
Premium Support


Take a look on sample result of our work!

how our reused content service works?

1. contact us


In this paragraph, we will explain you whole process. First of all, you have to contact us. For that purpose, you can use contact form attached bellow. Please do not forget to specify service you are interested in. Also, attach youtube channel link so we can take a better look on it and prepare accurate price offer.

2. agreement

After we check your account, we can make it to next step. We will need find agreement on what  changes do you want to make on your channel. Our service include full design work (thumbnails, logo, cover photo etc.). We can also make SEO optimization of your whole channel. Our experienced workers will take a look on every aspect, however, it is on your sole decision, which changes you would like to get. 

Before we will start working on your channel, we will agree on final price. Price is fixed and we cannot change it without your prior consent. This way, you will not be surprised with any expensive works. Our price do not change during works. Any additional costs are on us.

3. finalization of work

As a result, at the end of whole proces you will receive fresh new channel. Channel which will be suitable for monetization, redesigned and SEO optimized. As our employees are former YouTube employees, they exactly know what is needed for successful monetization application. Finally, you can enjoy your profits. 

Monetize youtube reused content again!

Do not waste your time and apply for monetization once again after you will use our services. We will gladly help you with that.

We are working on your reused content

Our Team

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Interested in our service? Do not hesitate to contact us. Our team will reach you to as soon as possible to provide you necessary information.



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